About Ricoh Global Services

One partner for all your global needs.

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Dedicated to driving value for organisations across the globe, the Ricoh Global Services team provides standardised, consistent, end-to-end solutions. We have offices in 180 countries around the world and employ over 20,000 highly qualified service engineers. Our unrivalled direct sales and support network has the capability to service 95% of Fortune Global 500 company employees which means that you can rely on one partner for all your global needs.

About Ricoh Global Services

We provide consulting, strategic support and long-term partnership to our customers, addressing the issues that are important to your business,  such as, improving your document processes to drive productivity and efficiency across the business, reducing costs, enhancing security, supporting mobility and reducing environmental impacts.

Global Managed Solutions

With offices worldwide, Ricoh Global Services provides customers with:

  •  A consistent platform for integrated Managed Document Solutions  

  • A comprehensive range of services that enables organisations to outsource key document-related processes

  • Local support and service for fast, flexible response to your needs

  • A single global point of contact and central coordination. 

By standardising your solutions across your organisation we can continuously increase value and consistency.

Delivering Value 

We also understand the benefits of a single point of contact: one team who know the ins and outs of your organisation as well as you do. We provide this on a global basis through our team based in Europe, Americas, China, Japan and Asia Pacific. This ensures we deliver on our global promise and continuously drive value for you at the local and central level.

Through our case studies, you can learn more about the value we have delivered to our global customers and discover how we can help you.

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