CSR Compliance

Global Citizenship is Everybody's Business.

Stepping Up to our Global Responsibilities.

Good Compliance is Good Business

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  • Environment

    Green leaf.

    Environmental conservation is of key importance within Ricoh’s corporate strategy.

The aim of our whole Corporate Social Responsibility programme is to achieve the highest standards of global citizenship and compliance. It’s a focus that we’re bringing internally and across our partners and suppliers.

Aiming High

As defined in the “Ricoh CSR Charter” and the “Ricoh Code of Conduct” we’ve adopted the highest ethical standards across our business activities and our supply chains. These documents help us define the standards, ethics and behaviours we should adopt in our daily business practices and help to enact an ethical code of conduct.

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Promoting the Growth of Excellence

We’ve integrated our Corporate Sustainability goals into the heart of the Ricoh Europe strategic planning process and we’ve adopted the EFQM business excellence model too. This helps us gain a holistic view of stakeholder needs, which allow us to make long-term decisions that allow the company to grow. In 2010, Ricoh Europe achieved 5 star “Recognised for Excellence” from the EFQM across all our operations in the EMEA region. As a further achievement, we’re by far the largest, most complex organisation to have achieved this level of recognition from the EFQM.

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Coordination that Helps us Reach our Goals

Our “Total Risk Management” (TRM) Framework helps us coordinate our compliance and risk management approaches, and we’ve identified seven key risk areas and the stakeholder groups affected by each factor.

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Over the years, Ricoh Europe has continuously achieved its goals in corporate compliance and certification:

  • All Ricoh Europe companies comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx).

  • Ricoh financial results are verified by KPMG, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting processes.

  • All Ricoh sites in Europe have ISO14001 accreditation (Environmental Management).

  • All Ricoh's manufacturing facilities, all major operating companies within Ricoh Europethe group, including Ricoh Europe's Head Office locations and the Supply Chain have ISO9001 certification (Quality Management System).

  • Ricoh Europe maintains a global certification for IS027001 (Information Security Management System).

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