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Think global, act local.

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  • Environment

    Green leaf.

    Environmental conservation is of key importance within Ricoh’s corporate strategy.

Developing ideas, benefiting communities.

Ricoh works with local, national and international partners to develop ideas. We understand that employee time can add great value within the regions where we operate. Involvement in these local projects enables our staff to use their skills and expertise to benefit others within their community. Ricoh enables employees to dedicate some of their working time to making these projects happen. During 2009 more than 15% of our employees were involved in community projects around Europe

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Enriching lives

In line with the management philosophy established in 1938 by Ricoh’s founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura, Ricoh seeks to enrich the lives of people through the products and services it provides and through its daily actions.

By working for a number of years with local and national partners across Europe, we enable our people to use their skills, energy and ideas to make an active contribution to society through a variety of projects and activities. Whilst we also provide funding for many projects, the involvement and engagement of our people has a greater impact on the local community than financial contribution alone.

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Community Involvement

Our Community Involvement* Policy, established by the Ricoh Europe CSR Steering Committee, is based on the pan-European selection criteria for community projects. Any initiative we wish to support must meet at least two of these criteria:

  • Complement the core activities and/or core values of Ricoh Europe

  • Create added value to our society

  • In relation to education among young and/or underprivileged people and/or

  • By making a positive impact on the natural environment

  • Involve our employees to increase their commitment

*Community Involvement refers to various community-based projects, employee volunteering, charity of the year programmes, fundraising, matched funding, etc.

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Case studies

In 2009, more than 15% of our employees were involved in community projects around Europe helping to make a difference within their local community. By finding projects and providing our staff with the time to participate, we’re showing our commitment to each area we operate in.

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