Sustainability Reporting

Our economic, social and environmental achievements – the holistic view.

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    Environmental conservation is of key importance within Ricoh’s corporate strategy.

In July 2013, we produced our sixth Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report, covering our operations in 21 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA). The result is a holistic review of our key economic, social and environmental issues. It gives a detailed insight into the Ricoh approach to sustainability and the progress we are making.

When we talk about 'sustainability' in Ricoh, we are looking beyond managing our impact on the environment. For us, sustainability is about developing a business model that will deliver lasting value for all stakeholders into the future.

The report is comprehensive in scope and provides useful studies of what we have done and how we are moving forward. The report is a reference point on our journey towards a sustainable society that transcends the limitations of individuals, countries and companies.

Read the Report: Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2015

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Our self-assessment

The review Ricoh’s economic, social and environmental issues required an uncompromising assessment. Here you can review how we gathered the information.

GRI Self-Assessment of Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2014

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