Preserving bio-diversity through business and social contribution.

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The Ricoh Group connects environmental conservation activities and business management. We view conservation of the global environment as the natural responsibility of a global citizen. We believe that conservation of the global environment makes two demands on us: one to reduce impact of our business operations and products on the environment; the other to maintain and improve the self-recovery capabilities of the global environment.


Biodiversity conservation activities at the Ricoh Group began in 1999, when we started the Forest Ecosystem Conservation Project with environmental NGOs and local communities throughout the world.

Each office of Ricoh globally, whose site is on their own ground, has actions defined under the business strategy for 2011 - 2013 to ensure that local biodiversities are preserved and developed.

In 2009 Ricoh introduced its Group Biodiversity Policy to specify our objectives in minimising impacts.

Since 1999, Ricoh's staff, on a global basis, have participated in biodiversity conservation activities. From the Environmental Volunteer Leader Development Program to the participation in the United Nations Eco-Action day, Ricoh’s staff have continued to improve the  conservation and biodiversity of geographical areas where we work.

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