Environment Technology

Highly innovative environmental technologies, for a low-carbon society.

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Ricoh voluntarily establishes meaningful high targets for environmental responsibility. We promote innovation in technology and in the way we do business. The provision of equipment which is easy to use, and which reduces environmental burden in manufacture and use, is a key corporate strategy. The revolution does not end there. Customers are supported by Ricoh in reducing their environmental impacts and streamlining their work processes by utilising Ricoh’s industry leading technologies

Manufacturing innovation

The development of Biomass resins for use in plastic components and toners was started by Ricoh in 2002. That year, Ricoh produced the industry’s first multifunctional device with 50% Biomass content. In 2009 Ricoh produced the world’s first device with Biomass toner (25% content).

By utilising a lifecycle design approach Ricoh has been able to produce products which are smaller and lighter than the preceding model. Using recovered raw materials wherever possible further supports our drive to limit resource depletion.
During the remanufacturing process Ricoh has introduced a “dry washing” process to clean components, resulting in the elimination of waste water and reduced energy consumption.

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Introducing product eco- technologies

Quick Start-Up technology is a key factor in energy reduction on Ricoh devices. By reducing the time taken to recover from Energy Save mode, customers don’t have to wait too long to use their Ricoh product. Our objective is to introduce a recovery time on all Ricoh devices of less than ten seconds.

Using a polymerisation process to manufacture our toner has resulted in a saving of 30% of the energy used to make toner in the traditional way. This PxP toner is now used across our range of b/w and full colour products and delivers a sharper image with a lower fusing temperature, thus making further energy savings at the customer’s site.

In 2007 we launched the first energy-saving printers that use our GELJET technology, including the Aficio GX 2500. These highly efficient printers have a maximum energy consumption of less than 35 watts, equivalent to that of a fluorescent light. Not only do these printers conserve energy but they also massively cut customer energy costs.

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Meeting customer demands

The “In Use” phase of the product lifecycle accounts for more than 60% of the total lifecycle environmental impacts. Ricoh is focused on reducing this burden for customers through product innovation that optimises document processes while also achieving lower energy consumption and reducing paper consumption.

Our secure print solutions ensure documents are not released until they are authorised at the device, which enables unwanted prints to be cancelled and increases document security. There is also a reduction of over 25% in paper used, making a significant contribution to lower CO2 and lowered costs.

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