What we stand for.

Listen to customers, adapt to changes.

What drives Ricoh.

Adding value where people meet information.

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At Ricoh, we endeavor to always listen to our customers and provide them with innovative products and services that align with their business goals. We strive to add value to our customers’ services and products. We adapt to changing business climates. With a focus on helping customers increase their productivity and efficiency, Ricoh is the ideal partner to help expand any business offering. In implementing our management system, and in adhering to our philosophy, we remain true to social and environmental sustainability and our responsibility to future generations. Ricoh management applies our philosophy, purpose, goal and principles throughout the company, around the world.

Love your neighbour
Love your country
Love your work

Our Founding Principles were formulated in 1946 by our founder Kiyoshi Ichimura. They form the cornerstones of how we do business, encouraging us to constantly improve and contribute to the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including our families, customers, and society as a whole.

Our Purpose
To constantly create new value for the world at the interface of people and information.

Our Goal
To be a good global corporate citizen with reliability and appeal.

Our Principles 

  • To think as an entrepreneur 

  • To put ourselves in the other person’s place 

  • To find personal value in our work

Our mission statement expresses our core values and guides the conduct of all employees in fulfilling our corporate mission and goals. It’s also a statement of intent of where we see our company going.

The Board of Ricoh Company, Ltd.
(As of April 15th 2013)


Representative Directors
Shiro Kondo
Zenji Miura 

Hiroshi Kobayashi
Shiro Sasaki
Nobuo Inaba
Yohzoh Matsuura
Yoshinori Yamashita
Kunihiko Satoh      

Outside Directors
Mochio Umeda
Kunio Noji 


Senior Audit & Supervisory Board Member   
Yuji Inoue

Audit & Supervisory Board Member 
Mitsuhiro Shinoda

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takao Yuhara
Tsukasa Yunoki


Shiro Kondo   
President and CEO
Zenji Miura 

Corporate Executive Vice Presidents
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Shiro Sasaki
Nobuo Inaba
Yohzoh Matsuura
Yoshinori Yamashita
Kunihiko Satoh     

Corporate Senior Vice Presidents
Kenichi Kanemaru
Soichi Nagamatsu
Kenichi Matsubayashi
Hidetsugu Nonaka 
Katsumi Kurihara
Kunihito Minakawa
Seiji Sakata
Masuyuki Ishihara
Katsunori Nakata    

Corporate Vice Presidents 
Junichi Matsuno
Masahiro Nakamura
Hidenobu Endo
Kazuo Nishinomiya
Hisao Murayama
Yasutomo Mori
Mariko Aduma   

Group Executive Officers
Sadahiro Arikawa
Daisuke Segawa 
Nobuaki Majima 
Kiyotaka Yamada
Kiyoshi Tsujita
Akira Oyama
Martin Brodigan
Jeffery Briwick

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