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To ensure we offer the highest levels of service, we’ve developed a European network that’s continuing to grow. So no matter where you are, you’re sure of getting local expertise, with the backing of a truly global company. In 1995 we acquired the NRG Group PLC (formerly Gestetner Holdings PLC) to reinforce our overseas sales network, followed by Danka, IKON and InfoPrint Solutions to further strengthen our sales and production printing capabilities.

Established in 1936, Ricoh provides document services, consulting, software and hardware to small and large businesses around the world. No matter what solution you require, we have a range of options to suit your needs. 

Our systems are designed to grow as your business does and with a support network that’s second to none, you can be sure that when you become a Ricoh customer, we’ll always be equipped to support you.

We’ve got sales and support, production, and research and development operations in around 200 countries under regional headquarters in the USA, UK, Singapore, China, and Japan. We’re committed to constantly improving and updating our support network through our global marketing group which oversees strategies for the local sales and support operations of our four regional headquarters, combining worldwide reach with local expertise.

We have built our global manufacturing and supply system upon a foundation of efficiency and quality.  We also aim to manufacture locally where possible, to meet the needs of local customers.

In 2009, we started operations at Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd., adding a production capability to our Asia-Pacific business region. As a result, all five business regions now have sales and production operations that can swiftly deliver products and services that match local requirements.

To stay ahead of the competition, we’ve built a global research and development structure that harnesses outstanding talent and technical assets. These units help us create innovative leading-edge technologies for a worldwide market. And because they can draw on local capabilities, we can collaborate in everything from research to commercialisation development, and reflect customer requirements in our products and services.

When it comes to offering solutions, our diversity is a real asset. When meeting you for the first time, our prime objective is to make sure we understand your challenges and goals, so we can help you to enhance office productivity and revolutionise their workflow. 

Our solutions are tailored to company-specific needs, issues and challenges, so whether you are looking for cost reduction, productivity improvement, enhancing information security or environmental impact reduction – or something else entirely – we can help you to find the answer.

And we won’t disappear once we’ve implemented the solution. We offer an after-sales support network that’s outstanding. We can also operate and control any installed equipment through on-site maintenance, remote device management and other services.

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