Work for us and we’ll work for you.

Step up to the challenge, open up a world of innovation.

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Joining Ricoh means stepping into an environment where innovative ideas and being a global leader in digital office solutions are second nature. We work across 180 countries and employ over 100,000 employees so we always see the bigger picture. And with our enterprising attitude, we continuously look for ways to bring new opportunities to you.

Our people are committed to providing excellent services to customers around the world. With a winning spirit and dedication to innovation and teamwork, our people are focused on transforming the business transactions of our customers, while demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

It’s because of our people that we’ve achieved external recognition for our business practices, particularly in the areas of business excellence and sustainability. Ricoh Europe was awarded 5 star ‘recognised for excellence’ from EFQM in 2010, and in 2011 we were recognised among the world’s Global 100 Most sustainable Corporations for the seventh year running. It is only through the commitment of all our people that we have been able to achieve these results, year on year.

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Looking For A Better Way
Our innovative products and services mean we’ve grown in profitability and as a business year-on-year - and our further growth is dependent on identifying and creating new opportunities for both our people our products and our services. We seek to continuously improve our internal processes, which is helping us to drive productivity and efficiency.

To learn more about our current vacancies, please go to the career opportunities page.

Our working environment is one where ideas and diversity merge to create new values, new challenges and foster achievement and growth. There’s a culture of learning and we encourage ideas to be shared openly.  We’re committed to knowledge management and simplifying life and work. Of course, you’re a major component part of what we’re trying to achieve so we look to attract people who can combine their talent with a focus on delivering results, have respect for others and bring a socially responsible attitude.

We’re always looking for creative, innovative and talented people. After all, if we want to maintain our competitive edge and move progressive ideas forward, we need you to join us.

We want you to be: 

  • Driven by the desire to move ideas forward 

  • Motivated by sharing ideas and knowledge 

  • Optimistic when faced with new challenges and opportunities 

  • Creative when finding new solutions and ways to do business better 

  • Mindful about the environment and adopt a socially responsible attitude

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