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Dedication to innovation and customer insight has seen Ricoh grow from its first development of diazo photosensitized paper to becoming a global document management leader. Innovation, however, can add value only when it aids efficiency. To improve efficiency to the point where even the most sophisticated of our technologies, services and software are intuitive to use, we must understand how and why they are used by our customers.

To help us design, develop and deliver leading-edge innovations for small and large businesses worldwide, we continually evaluate our products and services with the customer in mind. We also draw upon the expertise and insight earned by long experience, and the feedback provided by our Technology Centres around the world which provide direct feedback into the R&D process.

Our unique perspectives help us evaluate new ideas and generate original offerings. Our adaptive, customer-driven innovations help us transform business processes, streamline document workflows, propel productivity and reduce environmental footprints. Ultimately, our abilities in information management save businesses time and money. Ours is a personal and flexible service that goes beyond traditional document and print provision.

Where It All Begins

Ricoh Research & Development is focused on four main areas.

  1. Environment: Ricoh endeavours to contribute to a more sustainable society at every stage in a product’s life cycle, for example in the use of biomass-based plastic materials, dry washing technology for the parts, production and reclamation process and QSU technology.

  2. Office solutions: Ricoh offers a flexible and responsive IT environment that facilitates knowledge management focusing, for instance, on information retrieval technologies, visual search, next-generation network infrastructure technology and its application to Ricoh products, printed document security, and projection systems.

  3. Printing: Ricoh is concentrating on technologies for MFPs and printers in both office and production printing markets that maintain high quality, high speed, reliability and efficient output.

  4. Imaging/devices: We are focused on Integrating optical/image processing and electronic device technologies to create unique technologies with new value, as well as printable electronics for fabricating the transistor circuit, and colour reflective display technology.

Ricoh is not content to develop exceptional technology, software and services. Ricoh goes further, by transforming work environments through introducing outstanding expertise, by adding functions and reliability to components to create better products, systems and services.

In building a global team of experts, devising a clear strategy based on the Ricoh Values and applying its specialist customer insight, Ricoh is now at the forefront of modernising work environments, revolutionising its customers' work styles, meeting their sustainability needs and adding real business value.

Below are a few instances of Ricoh innovation in action.

Promoting open innovation – global partners

  • Ricoh is promoting ‘open innovation’ to help find partners to do collaborative/contact research all over the world.

  • Ricoh is partnering with top class industry, academic, and government research organisations, e.g., the Franhofer Laboratories in Germany for security, optics and materials. Ricoh has accomplished knowledge management projects with the DFKI in Germany and MTA SZTAKI in Hungary.

  • Ricoh Developer Programme entails partnering with a community of software developers to create and develop value-added software for Ricoh products.

Unique customer insight
European Technology Centre – developing bespoke solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Hosts an annual Advisory Conference, inviting customers to preview, feedback and influence Ricoh innovations before they reach the market.

Right Products, Right Place
The Ricoh Group has established a global production system enabling products to be produced according to the technical skill and productivity of each site. This reduces carbon footprint and utilises local abilities.

Internal Kitting Shortens Lead Time, Reduces Environmental Impact
To shorten lead times between order taking and delivery, we introduced an internal kitting method for efficient packing and delivery; optional devices are attached at the factory and specifications are changed accordingly. Instead of using cardboard boxes and polystyrene foam, reusable racks are utilised for delivery. As well as reducing environmental impact, this method helps reduce lead time and enhances customer satisfaction.

Learn more about global Ricoh innovation: and

Our global R&D Centres help keep Ricoh at the forefront of office solution expertise. The Centres are structured into these major disciplines:

Research and Development Operation 

  • Corporate Technology Development Group 

  • Corporate Technology Planning Centre 

  • Printing Technology Development Centre 

  • Office Solution Technology Development Centre 

  • Imaging Technology Development Centre

Research and Development Group

  • Core Technology Research Centre 

  • Advanced Technology R&D Centre 

  • Tohoku R&D Centre

A global network of experts – In-house R&D centres

  • R&D HQ, Yokohama, Japan: Research and Development Group for a wide-range of elemental technologies and Corporate Technology Development Group for practical applications. 

  • Ricoh Technology Centre, Kanagawa, Japan: More than 5,000 engineers and staff developing imaging devices. 

  • Ricoh Innovations, Silicon Valley, USA: Future solution applications, mobile business applications and image processing development. Ricoh Innovations Inc. 

  • Ricoh Software Research Centre, Beijing, China: Image and video processing, advanced information, system control, and embedded system development. Software Research Centre Beijing Co. Ltd  

  • Ricoh Imaging Technologies, Shanghai, China: Designing and developing office equipment. 
    European Technology Centre, London, UK: Customising Ricoh solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Learn more about global Ricoh innovation: and

Innovating Technology is central to the Ricoh Developer Program™ (RiDP™), which gives access to the support, tools, and services needed to integrate new or existing solutions with Ricoh hardware and software products.

The program offers a five-tier membership model designed to meet the varying requirements of Developers and their organisations. Each of these tiers offers differentiated access to development tools, engineering support, technical resources and training.

Independent Software Vendors, Ricoh Major Accounts and Strategic Accounts, and Higher Education Institutes may all apply for membership. Whether your goal is to embed your solution directly into Ricoh hardware or software as a commercial developer, custom-configure printer or fax drivers in-house, develop middleware to integrate with Document Management Systems, or use the tools as part of your teaching curriculum; RiDP makes it possible.

Please visit the Ricoh Developer Program™ website for more information.

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