Our Values

Harmonise. Simplify. Support. Values that make a difference.

Values that sustain our customers, our business and our environment.

Values that help us exceed expectation

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Everything we do at Ricoh is measured against three values: harmonise with the environment; simplify life and work; support knowledge management. Taken together, and applied with belief, passion and innovative thinking, our values help people move their ideas forward, towards better value products and solutions, and into a more enjoyable life in a sustainable, better protected environment.

We are committed to our values in addressing not only the present but also the long term, in improving the environment for future generations. Here are the values in greater depth.

Harmonise with the environment

We contribute to global environmental protection through Ricoh products and services. By continually reviewing and improving our products and services against environmentally friendly targets, we help customers reduce their eco-footprint.

We offer products and services that contribute to environmental preservation while enhancing the profitability of our customers and ourselves.

Simplify your life and work

Anyone can enjoy the functionality and efficiency of Ricoh products and services.

We ensure that customers are able to make full use of the functions and capabilities of Ricoh products by making them easy to use and maintain.

We develop energy-saving products to reduce environmental impact.

We offer consulting services regarding environmental impact reduction while using office equipment.

We deliver easy-to-use operation for maximum productivity while minimising operator training.

Support knowledge management

We support the customer's value creation process by streamlining and facilitating knowledge sharing.

We pass on our own operational, structural know-how to customers.

We inspire customers to create new value by simplifying knowledge intensive labour and by sharing know-how gained in-house from systems used within the Ricoh Group.

Providing solutions that enable employees to easily scan and print from their own IT terminals, primarily using a Multi-Function Printer (MFP).

Ricoh behaviours

To bring them to life, values need behaviours. We have three:

  • Act quickly.

  • Think customers first.

  • Think business.

The combination of values and behaviours is at the heart of everything we do.

Since we first opened our doors in 1936, Ricoh employees have done business based on the values contained in the principles advocated by our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura.

Our founding principles and management philosophy form what we call ‘The RICOH Way’.  

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