Device Manager NX Accounting

A smarter way to track efficiency

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Ricoh Device Manager NX Accounting makes controlling the cost of operating your document output resources easier by providing automated usage tracking and billing administration.

Cost savings can be gained through detailed tracking of individual and departmental usage, increasing accountability and supporting internal accounting processes.

A central console for monitoring and managing the performance and functionality of up to 250 Ricoh and non-Ricoh devices, enables more efficient and effective administration of resources.

  • Accurately track the usage of resources, and ensure that essential billing and reporting is performed on time

  • Identify wasteful practices and enforce more responsible consumption of resources

  • Allocate resources more effectively and ensure more economical print management and device management

  • Ensure a fast, effective response in the event of device performance issues

  • Implement standardised policies across the entire fleet for a consistent, reliable and efficient fleet management strategy

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