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RICOH Scan CX provides an easy, flexible and secure way for workers to send, store and access scanned documents using Ricoh’s cloud platform.

Users can send scanned documents directly to the cloud from a Ricoh MFP. Mobile workers can then use Ricoh’s cloud platform to access these documents on the go, from a wide range of compatible mobile, tablet and PC devices. All document data is automatically protected using 256-bit encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of information.

Using Ricoh’s platform as a secure single sign-on (SSO) access point, users can take advantage of integration with third party cloud-based storage, collaborative platforms and document management and workflow solutions, enabling more flexible and efficient ways of working.

A single device license allows unlimited uploads to RICOH Scan CX from one MFP and unlimited downloads to user devices, providing a cost-effective way to widen access to documents.

  • Support flexible and efficient mobile information access

  • Simplify the process of uploading scanned documents to online storage

  • Enable mobile workers to access documents from any location and from a wide range of compatible devices

  • Provide a single, secure point of access to third party online document storage, management and collaboration solutions

  • Ensure the security of document information with automatic 256-bit data encryption

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