Customer Services

Instant, real-time access to essential documents.

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Enhance customer services with centralised document management.


With many different paper and digital documents distributed throughout an organisation, staff can spend many hours manually searching for essential information. The result can be poor customer service and security – and money lost in reduced employee productivity.

Ricoh’s solution creates a centralised digital repository where over 300 file types can be instantly captured, stored and viewed. With fast retrieval from multiple databases, Customer Services can respond more quickly with up-to-date information. These new, streamlined processes save time, improve efficiency and reduce costs within a secure, auditable environment. Less time is spent looking for information and more time is devoted to looking after customers.

  • Respond faster to customer enquiries with real-time access to up-to-date information.

  • Easily annotate documents and move them between secure electronic folders.

  • Save time and be more cost-efficient, by minimising manual document indexing.

  • Search and view over 300 file types.

  • Improve security, compliance and green credentials.

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