Fleet Records

Compliance, security and management of vehicle documentation made simpler.

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Centralise and simplify control of fleet records with electronic management.


Ricoh offers a secure and easily managed central electronic archive that provides real-time access to up-to-date documentation.

The Ricoh solution captures vehicle documents relating to the business use of company and private vehicles. The indexed electronic files can be easily tracked and securely archived.

Electronic search features reduce time-consuming manual processes and provide instant access to the documents required. Having well -structured and coordinated information helps businesses comply with the many regulations relating to company fleets and vehicle users.

  • Efficiently manage, track and control fleet documentation to ensure legal compliance.

  • Use advanced electronic processes and archiving to reduce administration and storage costs.

  • Accelerate fleet management processes with fast access to centrally stored electronic records.

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    Reduce costs and improve cash flow with centralised logistics management.


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