Sharper competitive edge, faster time to invoice, easier administration.

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Reduce costs and improve cash flow with centralised logistics management.


Against the current backdrop of challenging new markets and rising fuel prices, Ricoh’s centralised document management solution optimises processes, allowing businesses to improve productivity while reducing costs.

Ricoh’s Logistics solution captures all kinds of paper and electronic documents in one secure and easily managed central electronic repository. The solution improves a company’s competitive edge with fast electronic processing that accelerates invoice generation and payment.

The solution electronically captures and accurately indexes Delivery, Proof of Delivery, Proof of Collection and related documents for rapid retrieval and matching. The result is a faster time to invoice, lower administrative costs and improved customer service. 

  • Minimise manual document processing and filing to reduce administration and storage costs.

  • Speed up logistics processes with rapid document capture, indexing, search, storage and retrieval.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction, faster payments and improved cash flow.

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    Fleet Records

    Centralise and simplify control of fleet records with electronic management.


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