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Calculate how much Ricoh can save your business today by electronic invoicing..

Most invoices start electronic and end up electronic but a lot of time is spent manually processing invoices, either preparing them to be sent to customers or receiving them from suppliers - these processes are often error prone, labour intensive and costly. Ricoh's i-Invoicing takes these manual processes away, so you can benefit from the significant savings that can be made from electronic invoicing now.

Using the following calculator, you can calculate the approximate savings to your business over the next three years by using Ricoh's i-Invoicing:

Please use the email address below to contact Ricoh about i-Invoicing

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At Ricoh we help you to gradually migrate to electronic invoicing, hence the term i-invoicing. We take over your manual processes straightaway and then over a three year period help you migrate your customers and suppliers to invoicing electronically. You can be confident in Ricoh’s ability to deliver this solution because:

  • Ricoh, a Fortune Global 500 company, employs over 108,000 people worldwide in over 180 countries

  • Ricoh has invested in SAS 70 compliant infrastructure so you can benefit from electronic invoicing without making any capital investment

  • Our solution is fully scaleable and can increase/decrease in accordance with your business needs

  • Ricoh is certified to ISO 27001 standard globally – this is the leading standard for information security

  • Ricoh has experience in managing invoicing for its customers so you can quickly deploy this solution to benefit from maximum savings

Are you ready to benefit from these savings? If so, contact a Ricoh invoicing specialist at or call 0800 90 40 90 to start the conversation.

Case Studies

  1. Dalkia, Europe's leading energy service provider, uses Ricoh's i-Invoicing to reduce

    costs by €200, 000 a year, with improved accuracy and faster access to financial data. Download the Dalkia case study here

  2. A global sportswear manufacturer currently uses Ricoh to send its 4million invoices a year. Switching to electronic invoicing using Ricoh's i-Invoicing they aim to save over €3million a year.

  3. A major electricity supplier currently uses Ricoh to process 350,000 supplier invoices per annum. They're using Ricoh's i-Invoicing to help them transition to electronic invoicing as they anticipate they will have over 1million invoices a year by 2012.

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