Variable Data Print

Cover the printing of one-to-one communications in-house.

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Ricoh’s variable data print service enables businesses to customise and personalise their printing, at the same time streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, adding value and improving functionality.


Organisations print a large number of documents that are identical except for specific data in various places – documents like invoices, purchase orders, and personalised mail. With Ricoh, these can all be handled by the in-house print room.

Ricoh’s print rooms enable you to:

  • Add barcodes or OMR marks so the automated envelope stuffing process can handle a variable number of pages per document

  • Sort the order of print to enable postal discounts to be accessed (typical 20% saving) 

  • Add the form template into the print file so that plain paper can be used instead of more expensive pre-printed stationery 

  • Consolidate documents going to the same address to reduce postal charges 

  • Automatically send a copy of the print job into an electronic document management system

  • Process specific documents differently based on agreed business rules

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