Document Services Outsourcing

Outsourcing gives you a wealth of added value services in-house.

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When you outsource to Ricoh, you get a wealth of value-added services that go above and beyond traditional document services. By integrating your printer fleet with the operation of your print room or mailroom or with your scanning and archiving services, or a combination of all three, we can also deliver significant productivity gains and reduce costs across the entire business.

Ricoh’s Document Services Outsourcing transforms your document heavy business processes by enabling a consistency of quality across all departments, which in turn: 

  • Results in improved customer retention

  • Improves productivity and reduces operating costs by freeing up your own people to focus on your core business

  • Adds a greater range of services to ensure increased efficiency and flexibility

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Document Services Outsourcing

Man in an office sitting at a computer.
CRD/Print Room

Everything you need. In-house and on-demand.

Office people clipboard

Merging mail and print rooms to deliver 30% savings.

Office woman looking at notes on window
Scanning and Archiving

Tracking, finding and processing documents just got more efficient. And we can offer more capabilities than ever - and they're all managed in-house.

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