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Thanks to our flexible and innovative approach, you can now maintain the control and independence of an in-house print room, while at the same time achieving significant cost reductions, efficiency gains and accessing expertise in the latest technology. And we can help turn your print room into a vital component that adds value to your company – a true corporate asset.


We can change the way you print.

The in-house print room is a valuable resource that provides your business with a wide array of services. But it can also be an expensive asset.

Ricoh can help manage those costs, through a flexible and customised approach to print room outsourcing, where we can provide all or some of the staff and services you need. We can work with your staff and existing technology, or we can modernise your fleet and provide access to our team of expert print room managers and operators.

As well as providing traditional print room services, we can also assist your business with:

  • Fleet management and support 

  • Print room administration and supplier management 

  • Print queue management and workflow improvement 

  • Staff training 

  • Internal marketing to increase awareness of print room services 

  • Integration with other managed services, including mail room services 

  • Print room design 

  • Expansion and management of variable data printing

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