Merging mail and print rooms to deliver 30% savings.

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An essential hub in any organisation, your mail room could have an even more vital role to play as part of a wider Managed Document Services strategy. And by integrating the Mail Room and Print Room operations - as well as other document processes - the cost savings can be substantial.


A new approach to the mail room. 
Most mail rooms rely heavily on manual activities which can be costly as well as error prone. But as organisations change to be more focused on knowledge and data, new technology and new ways of working are needed. Ricoh provides a customised service ranging from traditional receipt management through to advanced screening and integration with other document services, including the print room and the management of your departmental print devices.

These services include:

  • Receipt of regular mail, value mail and packages 

  • Print collection service 

  • Sorting of inbound mail to desk or drop point 

  • Recording of value mail (signature mail) and obtaining a signature from the recipient 

  • Recording of courier items and other packages and obtaining a signature from the recipient 

  • Screening of inbound mail and packages 

  • Providing a collection and delivery service, at least twice per day 

  • Redistributing internal mail 

  • Managing the dispatch of courier items and value mail 

  • Managing the dispatch of regular mail

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