Remote Management and Support

Monitoring and management to minimise the risk of downtime.

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Your IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. So it makes sense to ensure it won’t let you down. Ricoh’s Remote Management and Support provides expert monitoring and management of your IT environment, allowing any problems to be identified and resolved as quickly as possible


In business, it pays to be proactive.

Ricoh’s Remote Management and Support monitors and manages your IT infrastructure from one centralised point. Monitoring tools enable potential issues to be flagged and proactively fixed before they cause disruption to your business. When incidents do occur, they are resolved quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum productivity for your organisation.

Ricoh’s Remote Management and Support packages offer your business:

Proactive IT infrastructure monitoring

Get peace of mind that your IT environment is being controlled at all times by Ricoh’s expert technical specialists. By closely monitoring your entire infrastructure, we are able to resolve problems before they cause undue disruption to your business.

User account administration

Ricoh can take care of the management of your user accounts, freeing up your internal resource. We can remotely manage account administration on your behalf, creating, modifying or deleting user accounts and group memberships.

User support for software and hardware

You invest a lot in your IT systems, so it makes sense to ensure your people can get the best from them. Ricoh provides support for all users of software and hardware, no matter how complex, ensuring your applications deliver benefits to your business.

Software maintenance including PC patch management and patch deployment

Technology moves quickly and to ensure your IT system is performing at its peak, it’s crucial your software is maintained to recommended standards. Ricoh provides software maintenance, including PC patch management and deployment of critical patches (including security updates).

PC security management including provision of security software

Protect your critical business information with Ricoh’s security management. You can trust us to manage your PC security, keeping your IT environment free of viruses, malware and other threats. Ricoh provides the latest up-to-date security software too, ensuring complete system security.

Support and management of PC e-mail applications

Email has transformed the way we do business. So it’s essential your email infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. We provide centralised support and management of your PC e-mail applications, to ensure you stay connected to your clients, colleagues and suppliers.

PC data storage and backup management

Keep your business data safe and secure with our remotely administrated PC data storage and backup service. Ricoh’s approach ensures that in the event of a failure or loss of data, your systems will be up and running in the shortest possible time.

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