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Pay Per Seat provides a simple and cost-effective way to ensure all users in your organisation benefit from access to quality IT, without the need for upfront capital investment or placing additional pressure on your existing IT resources.

Proven, standardised services and provision for client devices, delivered and maintained on a usage basis, means you only pay for the equipment and services you use. Our simple, transparent charging model provides the predictability you need to plan and control your IT spend.

Comprehensive delivery and support for client devices

Pay Per Seat covers all client device infrastructure requirements, and provides a full range of additional configurable support services to continue to meet the evolving needs of your organisation and maintain your strategic IT advantage.

Our local and international service network, coordinated by Ricoh’s Service Desk capabilities, means you can benefit from consistent, reliable and scalable support as your operations develop.

Our client device services include:

  • Provisioning

  • Configuration

  • Deployment

  • Service Desk and remote management

  • On-site services

Additional support services include:

  • Consulting and assessment

  • Continuous optimisation

  • End-of-life services

  • Cloud backup

  • IMAC services

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Our consultative approach

We can provide an initial consultative assessment of your current client device environment, to help you determine the optimal solution for your organisation and minimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT Infrastructure.

Pay Per Seat customers also benefit from regular meetings with a Ricoh consultant to evaluate the performance of their client devices and identify new requirements. Through this we can continuously optimise our service and evolve with your organisation.

With Ricoh’s technicians looking after the operational performance of your client device infrastructure and service provision, you can focus your internal IT resources on more complex and strategically-valuable projects.

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Why Ricoh ?

  • Ricoh - IT at the heart of business
    IT at the heart of business

    We understand the important role IT plays in supporting our customers’ operations, and are committed to addressing the challenges they face.

  • Ricoh - Comprehensive support & delivery
    Support for the complete IT environment

    We provide a comprehensive range of on-premise and cloud-based IT support services, overseen by our industry-renowned Service Desk resources.

  • The difference of Ricoh IT Services
    The Ricoh Difference

    Learn more about the unique values that underpin our successful track record of supporting information processes, and ensure our IT services are second-to-none.


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