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Independent pan-European focus groups¹ conducted by leading global market intelligence firm IDC, reveal that CIOs recognise the need to manage information and documents more effectively across all business divisions.

However, they remain unclear on how to make this happen. IDC predicts that by 2020 digital information will have grown by a factor of 30, yet the number of global IT professionals expected to manage it will have grown only by a factor of 1.4².  Also according to IDC, an organisation with 1000 knowledge workers is losing $6 million annually as employees search for, recreate and reformat information³.

Managing Business Information

The focus groups considered the most effective ways to transform business information into a valuable asset for the company. Centralising document management was listed alongside the need to further maximise the benefits of Managed Document Services. As a result of the findings, Ricoh has created five guidelines to assist the CIO in managing information flow across all business divisions into the future.

Ricoh’s Five Guidelines for the CIO

  1. Ensure a focus on people and analyse end user behaviour to inform technology decision making.

  2. Effectively manage the change process so that investments are protected and maximised.

  3. Focus on document process optimisation to drive the best return on investment and speak the language of the Chief Financial Officer.

  4. Work with suppliers who offer ongoing governance, not just ‘deploy and depart’ – create true partnerships with vendors, a proper business relationship that has a long term view of where the business is going.

  5. Implement best practice technology – the technology deployed must be robust and secure; innovation should be driven by the customer.

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  1. The groups included more than 250 CIOs in nine European markets and they discussed the challenges faced by CIOs in managing the increasing volume of information within their business today. The European markets were Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK/Ireland and research undertaken in October 2010.

  2. The Digital Universe Decade – Are You Ready? May 2010. And IDC iView sponsored by EMC.

  3. Source IDC: Hidden Costs of Information: A Progress Report, IDC#217936, 2009.

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