Managed Document Services

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Managed Document Services from Ricoh enables your employees to get access to the right information at the right time in the right form, no matter where they are.

Managed Document Services

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    Introduction to Managed Document Services

    Find out how we can help you optimise the use of information in your organisation.

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    What is Information Capital?

    The ability to effectively manage valuable knowledge and convert it into ‘information capital’, is your business’ most vital asset and it’s worth its weight in gold.

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    People, Technology and Process

    All too often improvements in how transactional information flows are managed rely exclusively on technology, however at Ricoh we look at people, processes and technology to deliver more effective results.

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    Our Approach

    With our five-step approach, our philosophy is to help you meet your business goals. Then we exceed them.

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    MPS and beyond

    We go beyond the traditional approach to Managed Print Services. We will help you manage your business output and in addition, through our Managed Document Services, we will help you to control costs, increase sales revenue and streamline business processes.

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    Five Guidelines. One Direction for All CIOs.

    Insights on harnessing the power of Information Capital.

  • Ricoh Global Clariti

    Ricoh Global Clariti gives global organisations centralised control of their entire print fleet.


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Our Approach

Our five phase adaptive process ensures the solutions and services you receive are custom-built around the specific needs of your business.