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Technology and working processes are constantly changing, offering new ways to enhance performance and raise competitiveness.

However, change projects can present risks as well as opportunities. Managed incorrectly, upgrades to your organisation’s network infrastructure may create unforeseen performance or compatibility issues.

Document workflows are frequently the focus for optimisation initiatives, or one of the components impacted by changes to other parts of the IT environment. To ensure your document infrastructure continues to perform, Ricoh offers a range of efficient, flexible managed testing and quality assurance services to support the upgrade process.

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Proven testing procedures

Ricoh’s Managed Testing Services take advantage of our unrivalled experience of successfully delivering and supporting document infrastructure, and our dedicated hardware and software testing capabilities. We provide a range of well-defined, proven testing procedures that deliver targeted, time and cost-effective support where you need it.

With Ricoh’s support, you can proceed with upgrades secure in the knowledge that any risks to your document performance are identified and mitigated in advance. Our expert consultants can advise on how to achieve optimal performance from the Ricoh solutions within your infrastructure, boosting the productivity of your resources.

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Key benefits

Our Managed Testing Services enable you to:

• Eliminate risk when upgrading critical document processes

• Accelerate planning, testing and delivery with clearly-defined, efficient and certified testing methods

• Control costs by choosing from a flexible range of testing support that suits your business needs

• Increase productivity with higher-performing and more reliable document workflows

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Managed Testing Services

A Range of Flexible Managed Testing Services

Our catalogue of Managed Testing Services offers efficient, cost and time-effective support for a range of testing and quality assurance requirements.

Proven Managed Testing Expertise

Our Managed Testing Services provide access to our trusted team of document infrastructure experts

Intergrated Testing Support

Managed Testing Services can be integrated with the rest of the support we provide for your information and communications infrastructure

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