Proven managed testing expertise

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Ricoh’s Managed Testing Services are based on our international expertise developing, deploying and supporting document infrastructure.

All the testing services we offer have been established using proven, well-defined delivery methods with clear, practical outcomes. This ensures you get the actionable information you need, reliably and on time.

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A team you can rely on

Our testers are certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), ensuring a rigorous approach throughout.

By outsourcing your testing requirements to our team of trusted experts, you can move forward with your infrastructure improvement plans effectively, efficiently and with confidence.

With potential issues and risks at all stages of the transition process identified and addressed in advance, you can ensure projects run smoothly and deliver to their full potential.

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Practical guidance

As well as relying on Ricoh to benchmark and investigate the performance and compatibility of your document infrastructure, you can also draw upon our extensive experience of deploying and managing document resources to determine the best solutions and approaches for your organisation.

Our expert team can advise on deployment best practices and optimal hardware and software configurations, based on practical experience gained from previous deployments.

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