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In 2005, Ricoh established long term targets for environmental impact reduction of 87.5% by 2050. Measuring our product lifecycle impacts became a fundamental aspect towards realising this goal and it was the catalyst for many improvements in our manufacturing processes including the reduction of impacts in raw material use as well as a focus on production processes and energy use.

Total Green Office Solutions

Understanding our lifecycle impacts identified that 62% of these impacts exist while the products are in use by our customers so, since 2009, Ricoh has focussed on working with customers to ensure they maximise the environmental benefits of our innovative products as well as helping customers to identify and reduce the impacts from their overall print solution, thereby reducing total costs and impacts and increasing efficiency and control.

Our Total Green Office Solutions can offer many opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint  and take control of your printing costs using solutions such as: 

  • Sustainability Optimisation

  • Eco-Technology 

  • Certified, Pre-Owned Equipment

We are all responsible for reducing our environmental impacts.  At Ricoh we consider the full product lifecycle "from design to disposal". We focus on three key phases: "Pre-use", "In-Use" and "Post-Use". All three are united by distribution and logistics. However each phase also has its own specific environmental impacts, which require a different focus.

In the Pre-use stage (Development, Procurement and Production) we ensure an environmentally conscious development of our innovative products with eco technology.  It takes into account the in-use phase and also the post-use phase of our products. We ensure green procurement by choosing ISO 14001 certified suppliers and we encourage them to set environmental targets that go beyond these standards. Furthermore we have zero waste to landfill production and sustainable water and energy management in every aspect of our production lines.

During the In-Use stage (Usage and Maintenance) we offer smart sustainable solutions saving costs on paper and energy. Our comprehensive "Total Green Office Solutions" include Sustainable Consultancy and Green Field Services, ensuring low carbon emissions and significantly reducing costs.

To minimise the environmental impact during the Post-Use stage, we offer a variety of comprehensive and easy to use Return, Recover and Recycle programmes.

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Total Green Office Solutions

Wind turbine and a man holding a clipboard.
Eco Technology

Continued innovation produces firsts in ecology and technology.

Wind turbine at sunset.
Sustainability Consultancy

Learn more about the first end-to-end printing sustainability optimisation service leading to zero carbon footprint during the in-use phase.

Green leaf.
Build your green office

Discover how we make eco-benefits a reality with out interactive virtual green office.

Man in an office standing with a laptop.
Green Field Services

Environmental initiatives from our technical division

A wheat field during sunset.
Return, Reuse & Recycle

Discover our efforts to reuse our products or reuse materials.

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