Eco Mode

How to cut your energy costs while doing nothing.

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With energy costs rising and set to rise further, the importance of minimising energy use and CO2 is rapidly increasing.

Minimising energy use and CO2 emissions

Ricoh takes great care in reducing the carbon footprint of all its products, from manufacture through to recycling.

But the largest impact a product has on the environment is during its working life, while it is plugged into your office electricity socket.

That is why Ricoh multi-functional products can be set to Eco Mode.

Eco Mode is three highly efficient energy-saving settings, which do not interfere with the performance of the multi-functional product while printing or copying. Eco Mode only activates when the device is standing idle.

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Eco Mode uses up to 86% less energy when a machine is not in use.

Depending on which model you choose, you could reduce energy use from between 24% up to 86%.

Such significant savings of energy can shrink your energy costs and CO2. It’s an important factor to consider when buying new equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Lower energy costs

  • Lower CO2 emissions

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How Eco Mode works

You can recognise which machines have Eco Mode activated, when you see the Eco Mode sticker.

Panel Off - The user panel screen saves energy by turning off its light after 1 minute of inactivity.  This may look like the device is off, but press any button and the user panel screen lights up again.

Energy Saver - An energy-efficient sleep mode which begins after 1 minute of non-use. To start work, press any button on the user panel or print from your PC.

Auto Off - A deeper level of sleep mode, set by timer. This saves the most energy. To resume work mode, press any button or print from your PC.

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