Green Field Services

Ricoh engineers minimise environmental impacts of their service activities

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Ricoh’s innovative and sustainable products combined with efficient maintenance by our dedicated and highly skilled engineers ensure your product works as efficiently as it was designed to do. However, in the event of an unexpected failure, Ricoh’s technical division is here to help.

Efficient technical support ensures your products continues to operate efficiently, saving you energy and paper. In addition, our engineers go beyond  just solving your immediate problems. Our mature service efficiency includes highly skilled engineers, well-planned preventive maintenance and sophisticated inventory management of critical parts.

We believe incorporating this service efficiency within our Total Green Office Solution (TGOS) portfolio will raise awareness among all stakeholders. Therefore we are pleased to highlight our "Ricoh Green Field Service" approach.

The following Ricoh implemented field service activities can help to reduce the product lifecycle impacts:

  • The best way to reduce the environmental impacts of service visits is to try to resolve problems over the telephone, so first line support staff, employed by Ricoh, and fully trained on our complete product portfolio will always look for opportunities to help eliminate unnecessary site visits thereby reducing impacts and minimising downtime for your products. 

  • All Ricoh technical employees keep their knowledge up-to-date via an advanced e-learning programme, developed in-house to "commute less and learn more". 

  • Well-planned preventive maintenance visits contribute to call avoidance, and prevent machine breakdowns. 

  • In case of an emergency call that has to be fixed on-site, Ricoh ensures that our highly skilled Field Service Engineers are well-equipped with knowledge, tools and the most common service parts, enabling them to fix the problem, first time, avoiding multiple visits. 

  • The Ricoh technical knowledge data base on is remotely accessible for all our Field Service Engineers, ensuring they have the latest detailed tech-info "on-site". Moreover this data base is designed to encourage paperless use. 

  • Thorough management of our Service cars, supply, exchange and reuse of parts contributes to our “reduce, reuse, recycle” efforts. Waste parts can be returned for recycling, parts can be located quickly and unused parts can be returned for re-issue 

  • A sophisticated planning module enables our technicians to plan their visits in the most accurate and efficient way, saving fuel and associated CO2 emissions. 

  • Most of our Field Service Engineer cars are equipped with a navigation system, which guides our Field Service Engineers efficiently to the correct address. 

  • The Ricoh car policy ensures that the Field Service Engineers cars feature energy-efficient labels. 

  • Ricoh car fleet journeys are extensively monitored with targets to reduce CO2 emissions. 

  • To raise the awareness of driving economically, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions, all technicians have been trained on eco driving.

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