Machine reuse & Ricoh certified pre-owned devices

Protecting the Earth's resources.

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Remanufacturing and recirculating equipment gives another life to multifunctional products (MFPs). These products offer cost savings and a reduced impact on the environment. However, to ensure consistent high quality, Ricoh has strict standards for its certified pre-owned devices across Europe, and only when these high standards are met the product is released to the customer.

Machine reuse

All contracted Ricoh Group machines returned to our local return centres, first have their hard disks cleaned of Customer data and are then checked and sorted according to predetermined and changing country specific criteria based upon machine service history, age of the machine, visual status of the machine, machine counter, available new substitutes, market value, demand, available stock, etc.

As every Ricoh sales organisation has its own unique market demands, the decision for treatment is country specific and subject to change and continuous improvement.

Possible treatments:

  • Re-stock for on-demand remanufacturing that enables you to purchase a pre-owned machine

  • Disassemble for service parts re-stock

  • Re-sales to (certified) trader(s) who agree to comply with Ricoh environmental policies including our "zero-waste to landfill" policy

  • Material recovery at a certified recycler who agrees to comply with Ricoh environmental policies including our "zero-waste to landfill" policy.

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Ricoh certified GreenLine pre-owned devices

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Nothing is better than a new product. Unless it’s the same product, offering the same consistency and performance as the original, yet it is truly sustainable. That’s the end result when you acquire a Ricoh certified GreenLine device. A product that offers you all the advantages of the original machine. At a lower cost.

Ricoh goes further than just  recycling – we totally “revitalise” multifunctional products. Ricoh engineers ensure each and every stage of Ricoh resource recirculation procedure. A range of thorough controls and checks make sure that all critical components are reviewed. GreenLine machines are updated with the latest operating software and Ricoh’s rigorous standards and quality testing ensures they are durable and reliable.

You benefit from proven sustainable business practices, a highly economical print solution, reliability and peace of mind with GreenLine product range.

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