Toner Cartridge and Service Parts Reuse

Reuse: The way forward

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Through our Ricoh Return programmes, cartridges and service parts are disassembled and all components - including shipping and packing materials - are sorted for reuse, material recovery and energy recovery.

Toner Cartridge and Service Parts Reuse

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Toner cartridges and some service parts in Ricoh fax, printers and some copiers incorporate mechanical and electrical components that are part of the imaging process. When the life of our service parts are reached, some of the components are potentially still in “as-new” condition and can be reused.

Recycling these components keeps them out of waste streams and conserves the materials and energy it would take to make new ones. We work with a European network of service providers to process, resell, and recycle returned Ricoh products.

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Return programmes

national green centre

To enable us to reuse products or recover materials,  Ricoh established centralised return programmes for used  toner cartridges. This pan-European return programme, ensures reuse and/or
material recovery at our factories in Europe.  This service is free of charge and available in most European countries.

To use this service or to read more information about this return programme,  please visit

For used service parts replaced by our European field service engineers, we have established collection and treatment centres to receive, sort, recycle and, whenever possible, reuse these products within or outside the Ricoh Group. Service parts returned from our service engineers are collected and sorted in dedicated Green Centres, which will decide the best way to recycle.

To ensure we have a return & recycle programme for used supplies and consumables that meets each country’s needs, local Ricoh suppliers are challenged to offer their own sustainable, customer friendly and cost efficient systems for their returns.  
More information about the possibilities that Ricoh offers or supports to return & recycle Ricoh products in your area can be obtained via your own Ricoh supplier.

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