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Helping businesses grow by using less.

More sustainability, less paper, less energy, less cost.

Make Everyday Business Processes more Sustainable.

Five steps for a business: one giant leap for sustainabilty.

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In a world increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, sustainability not only reduces costs and improves the bottom line, it also enhances customer and supplier perception of companies and brands.

Sustainability Optimisation Programme

Ricoh is on top of the latest developments in sustainability, offering a balanced mix of software, services, hardware and change management, based on validated research. Ricoh’s consultancy services help to reduce the CO2 emissions and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from document production. Our sustainability optimisation programme offers immediate and measurable results in five steps.


Step 1: Analyse

All relevant information about the document output environment is collected and quantified. From this data, Ricoh understands the baseline TCO and carbon footprint, including energy consumption, paper consumption and total CO2 emissions. 

Step 2: Design

The outcome of Step 1 is the basis for the optimisation design, a plan that identifies key areas for improvement including TCO and CO2 reduction targets. Improvements in sustainability can be achieved from various recommendations, including placing or consolidating eco-responsible devices and proposals to change document flows and optimising end user behaviour.

Step 3: Implement

The elements identified in Steps 1 and 2 are leveraged to ensure positive impact on energy and paper consumption as well as on overall CO2 emissions. In the implementation phase the plan is applied: devices are installed and end users are trained to enhance their environmental awareness and to understand how to use the devices in the most sustainable way.

Step 4: Govern

All devices that form part of the new document infrastructure are equipped with remote diagnostics and monitoring software, making it easy to track usage data. By comparing CO2 emissions with the set targets on an ongoing basis, interventions such as correcting and replicating can be made, and calibrations carried out, to ensure up-to-date performance.

Step 5: Neutralise

Ricoh ‘Eco Partners’ can be confident that their document workflow leaves the minimal carbon footprint behind, through fleet and process optimisation, placement of energy efficient equipment and improved user behaviour. Once the previous four steps have been taken, businesses can neutralise the remaining, unavoidable carbon emissions related to printing by offsetting them with carbon credits generated by clean energy projects in which Ricoh has invested.

Next step

Entering the Ricoh Sustainability Optimisation Programme makes organisations more sustainable and more competitive. The methodology on which the programme is based has been validated by the British Standards Institution, a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information.

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Sustainability in Sponsorships

Earlier this year, we introduced our Sustainability Optimisation Programme at all Ricoh sponsored events. This includes 13 ATP World Tour tournaments in 10 countries across Europe, and the Ricoh Women’s British Open. The outcome? The document management solutions we provide to every tournament will be 100% carbon balanced in 2011 and beyond.

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