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FS FactFinancial institutions continue to strive towards delivering transparent, cost effective services that will increase reputation among their customer base. This has become crucial as the sector is faced with increasingly complex regulation and widespread change due to economic destabilisation.

The Economist Intelligence Unit* has recently released research findings into the role technology plays in supporting these changes.

The findings highlighted that 78% of respondents think technology makes their business more productive but that technology is only as good as the processes that people develop to guide it.

Financial institutions are looking to technology partners to assist them in delivering such processes. They are required to deliver increased efficiency and productivity within financial institutions that ultimately provide staff with more time to for customer relations. 

* Economist Intelligence Unit, Humans and Machines: The role of people in technology-driven organisations, sponsored by Ricoh, 2013

Central to Ricoh’s financial services offerings are the streamlining of information processes. These can reduce time spent by staff on administrative tasks enabling an improvement in customer communication, ensuring total confidentiality and security of all information.

The implementation of such solutions will improve document processes within financial institutions, ultimately leading to greater process efficiency, cost reduction and more time to spend with customers.

Ricoh has worked to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for some of the world’s leading financial institutions across Europe. Some of these successful customer cases include:

To learn more, please click on the relevant case study links above, or view all of our financial services case studies.

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