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Govt stat imageGovernment organisations seek to provide exemplary public services to both business and citizens. The sector faces significant challenges; from the evolving economic climate through to the pressure to streamline business processes. The focus is on ‘do more with less’.

Organisations are expected to increase the quality of citizen service, transform the way public servants work, increase administrative operational efficiency while providing a quality and efficient public service.

Overcoming these challenges brings great reward. The European Commission has estimated that Europe's public-sector data alone could be used to create economic growth of around 40 billion euros per year1. To benefit from this opportunity, implementing a clear document strategy helps public sector workers manage the massive volumes of physical and digital data2.

1European Commission, Open Data: An Engine for innovation, growth, and transparent governance, December 2011.
2Coleman Parkes Research,

Ricoh’s proven suite of document and data solutions can help Government organisations solve this business process jigsaw to drive change.

Its solutions are based on an integrated offer of tailored technological services and solutions to help government organisations. These include process and infrastructure optimisation, encompassing: 

  • Consultancy services

  • Technological solutions 

  • Outsourcing Services

Ricoh has helped government organisations across Europe ‘do more with less’ to meet industry specific challenges. Some of these cases are outlined below:

  • The Tax Department Municipality of Amsterdam (DBGA) outsourced the creation, printing and sending of 1.7 million tax returns annually to a Ricoh Service Centre. This led to an increase in efficiency for the department and reduction in cost
  • Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), a successful and well regarded public company, that runs passenger and freight rail services in the Catalonia region of Spain outsourced management of its concessionary travel cards to Ricoh. As a result of Ricoh processing more than 80,000 applications a year for the company, there has been a cut of waiting time by 50%, enhancing customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how Ricoh has improved business efficiency and reduce costs for organisations within the public and private sectors, please visit our case studies page.

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Ricoh's solutions for Government

  • Government Case Studies

    Learn more about Ricoh's solutions for Government through our case studies.

  • Citizen Communication Management

    Citizen Communication Management helps government departments communicate with citizens digitally, moving them away from costly and inefficient paper-based systems.


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