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The rising value of office space has resulted in annual occupancy costs for a meeting room exceeding €15,000 in key markets*. Despite this, research has found that these lie empty nearly 50% of the time**.

Ricoh’s Workplace Services can help you make more efficient use of your workspace. Our offering includes expert consultancy on how this can be best configured to maximise productivity and collaboration, and the deployment of technology to automate office support functions.

With our support, you can streamline office processes such as the allocation and booking of meeting rooms. You can provide a more productive working environment for your employees and identify opportunities to utilise your space more efficiently, with the potential to reduce costs. Our customised solutions deliver practical benefits to your employees and measurable benefits to your organisation.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make more efficient use of your workspace.

* DTZ Research Occupier Perspective, “Global Occupancy Costs — Offices 2013, Cost saving opportunities in weak markets”, January 2013. USD to Euro conversion accurate as of August 2014.

** Johnson Controls, “All In A Day’s Work: A Global Perspective of Workplace Trends”, March 2012

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Ricoh's Solutions for Ink Jet

Meeting Room Services

Create a more productive and efficient working environment for your employees by optimising and enhancing the utilisation of your meeting room facilities.

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