Meeting Room Services

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Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services provide end-to-end support to help you optimise how your meeting space is used. Starting with real-time data gained from monitoring current utilisation patterns, we deploy targeted solutions to enhance access to your meeting facilities and provide ongoing tracking to ensure these continue to perform optimally for your needs.

Practical Insights and Support

Using our experience of enhancing business processes for customers in a range of industries and by harnessing industry-leading room monitoring technology from Condeco, we can help you determine the optimal lay out of your meeting rooms. We can also improve how they support the needs of your employees, including provisioning a range of flexible, effective communications technology, such as video conferencing, projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Throughout our engagement, we provide full project, service and change management assistance as you implement your enhanced meeting room infrastructure. With meeting facilities that are attuned to the actual requirements of your employees, you can benefit from higher productivity, as well as potentially freeing up additional space for the rest of your operations.

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Enabling More Efficient Operations

In addition to enhancing your meeting room space, we can also deliver technology that integrates with your existing platforms to increase the efficiency of your meeting admin processes.

With our solutions, you can book meeting rooms directly from your existing calendar system. At the same time, you can send invitations to participants, book a video conference line, notify the reception desk about when visitors will arrive and book parking spaces or lunch for attendees.

We can also provide digital signage for use outside meeting rooms and your reception areas. By displaying details of room availability, meeting timings and location details for external attendees, you can make it easier for participants to find the room they require.

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Gain Control Over Your Meeting Facilities

Our guidance and solutions enable you to gain a clearer insight into how your meeting rooms are being utilised, and encourage greater utilisation by increasing accessibility for your employees.

Using our technology, you can quickly gain access to a meeting room, simply by swiping an ID card over an integrated reader. Similarly, you can instantly notify others that a meeting has begun, register that the room is not currently being used and check when the next scheduled meeting is due to begin.

With greater control over your meeting facilities, you can enhance the value they bring to your operations.

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