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Process Automation

The move towards hybrid workplaces means keeping employees engaged and productive by automating manual processes and providing seamless user experiences. 
Time wasted retrieving documents and errors made inputting data lead to big losses in business performance and employee motivation. 
End-to-end automation for your business 
Ricoh’s Process Automation Solutions move your business towards increased accuracy, faster approvals, informed decision-making, and better response times – no matter where your people work. 
  • Improve customer experience
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Optimise business processes
  • Boost productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Ease the compliance burden
  • Reduce printing, postal and document management costs

Access the best physical and digital solutions 
With more than 80 years of expertise in managing our customers’ most critical documents and workflows, we offer access to the best physical and digital solutions.

Through our extensive network of Global Shared Service Centres and market-leading strategic partnerships, we can provide you with a high level of standardisation via single ownership and administration.

Solutions & services

Workflow Management Applications


Speed up business processes and create efficiencies

Manual, business-critical processes can lead to employee frustration, customer dissatisfaction and non-compliance. It also takes time and resources to manage documents and workflows across a widespread workforce. 
Our Workflow Management Applications enable automated processes, helping your staff work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively while reducing human error and increasing transparency. 
DocuWare document management software 
We offer a range of solutions, including our flagship solution, DocuWare, alongside consulting services designed to help you increase business efficiency.
  1. Streamline business processes
  2. Increase employee productivity
  3. Improve reporting, compliance and control
  4. Drive business efficiency
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Digital Archiving Solutions


Remove the risks of storing physical paper

Storing documents like invoices, contracts, agreements and orders in the analogue world requires real estate, time and patience. Often, these documents are subject to legal and compliance rules that are difficult to adhere to offline. Retrieval is tough and your documents are at risk of damage, loss and leakage.

Tailored software and archiving services 
Our Digital Archiving Solutions protect your business against the risks of storing paper documents. Leveraging our expertise and market-leading partner solutions, we deliver tailored software and archiving services compatible with your preferred hardware.
  • Create secure, compliant storage
  • Make document search and retrieval easier
  • Reduce storage space and related capital expenditure
  • Drive the paperless office and digital transformation
  • Feel confident in data backup and recovery, should disaster strike
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Digital Mailroom Solutions


Increase mail control and efficiency

Manual mail distribution is a recurring, time-consuming process. Paper-based processes are inefficient – mail bags must be distributed, while inputting inbound mail data into business systems comes with high labour costs, as well as reporting, tracking and security challenges. 
Achieve an efficient, traceable mail workflow 
We can help cut operating costs and enable faster, more accurate and reliable delivery with our Digital Mailroom Solutions. Mail is scanned at the point of arrival and digitally distributed between recipients, providing a secure, traceable and fully-auditable mail workflow.
  • Reduce mailroom labour compared with a traditional mailroom
  • Increase speed of mail delivery and business processes
  • Mitigate risks caused by resource or capacity issues
  • Reduce forward post costs
  • Improve GDPR compliance processes
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Enterprise Content Management Solutions


Capture, process and access documents

The processing of physical documents is inefficient for many enterprises. The lack of visibility and access to information creates bottlenecks across the organisation. Finding the right information at the right time makes for more productive employees and a more efficient enterprise.  
Centralised, controlled information 
With our Enterprise Content Management Solutions, you can give your teams the ability to capture, manage, store and retrieve information quickly with one centralised location for all enterprise content.
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Ease integration with other workflows and applications
  • Improve transparency so employees can access data immediately
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction 
Automate processes with DocuWare  
For example, our market leading DocuWare solution automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of their format or source. Either on location or in the cloud, documents are readily available, when and where needed, with just one search required to quickly locate related information.
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Enterprise Output Management


Create a single unified workflow for your data and documents

In a typical enterprise, multiple document silos with multiple workflows create endless output issues and tie up IT resources. All this creates inefficient and wasteful business processes.
With a single enterprise-wide platform to manage all document types and printing requirements, you can simplify and improve output. We provide one unified workflow that can handle any data stream from any system in any format and give you the ability to convert to the right format for the right output device, be it print or digital. 
Develop a smart process improvement strategy 
With our Enterprise Output Management Solutions, you can also gain a holistic view of where to improve printing and document workflows, helping develop an enterprise-wide cost-saving and process improvement strategy. 
  • Streamline management of printers and devices
  • Extract data from enterprise systems
  • Reduce print errors and waste
  • Increase process automation
  • Output to mobile devices
  • Increase print capacity during peak times
  • Overcome system capacity challenges 
  • Improve customer communications
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
Backed by leading industry-standard technology, our solutions integrate with existing office workflows, like our Streamline NX, allowing you to manage critical business output or production printing in one single output management solution. 
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Free up people to focus on the good stuff

In the age of digitalisation, letting employees carry out repetitive, manual tasks can be an inefficient way of managing resources and optimising employees’ time. Human labour and error costs are high but can be controlled using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 
Make your business more profitable 
RPA allows you to build, deploy and manage software robots that emulate human interaction with systems and software. Robots carry out these actions faster and consistently, making your organisation more responsive, productive and profitable. 
  • Free up your employees to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Create faster, more accurate and more resilient processes
  • Scale applications to meet demand
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