Customer and Employee Engagement
customer and employee engagement

Streamlined marketing and communication at your fingertips

Customer and employee engagement

Engaging new customers and communicating with existing ones can be a challenging endeavour, especially when it comes to understanding who you’re talking to and what messages they want to hear. For larger organisations, the challenge may be accessing customer data from various sources or ensuring the right people can find the right marketing assets when they need them. 
Empower your organisation with the right tools 
Whatever your customer engagement challenges, Ricoh offers cloud-based, data-driven solutions that can help you customise your communications, control your assets and empower your organisation to use the right marketing tools at the right time. 

Solutions & Services 

Customer Communications Management


Improve customer experience with targeted communications

Streamline your communications to deliver superior customer service. Our Customer Communications Solutions empower your staff to easily create relevant, targeted communications. Powerful workflows streamline processes from creation through to delivery to maximise ROI on all your communication activities. 
Optimise your communication processes 
We deliver the right mix of scalable software applications and professional services to meet your specific communication needs. Leveraging solutions like our high-performance personalised document creation solution, FusionPro, we help you optimise your costs and communication processes to produce highly effective, targeted messaging for each recipient - improving customer satisfaction and response.    
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Marketing Technology (MAM / DAM)


Controlled user-friendly access to marketing assets

Managing corporate assets across markets can be time-consuming and costly, especially with a remote workforce. Streamline your marketing activities while complying with brand guidelines with our marketing technologies, including Media Asset Management (MAM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM). 
The right content at the right time 
Our offerings allow you to create, localise and personalise corporate assets – reducing “one-off” requests. With portals for controlled access to all corporate and marketing assets, you can ensure that internal stakeholders, franchisees and distributors only access and use the latest approved and authorised content and assets.  
A wide range of solutions 
We provide the right mix of software solutions and professional services to reduce costs and realise a higher ROI on marketing campaigns and promotions. Alongside our own solutions, including MarcomCentral and FusionPro, we have a wide range of products available from third-party suppliers allowing us to offer the solutions that best match your needs.
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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)


Nurture client relationships with omnichannel experiences

Leverage innovative approaches to connect with customers, develop advanced business processes and nurture relationships across multiple channels. 
DXP expertise for your digital strategy 
Our experts bring hands-on experience and provide you with an immersive introduction to emerging DXP technologies, helping you build meaningful relationships through flawless engagements. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of software and services to help you build DXPs and implement your digital business strategy.
Our service portfolio includes:
  • Unified Customer Experience
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Business Operation Transformation
  • Business Process Digitisation
  • Digital Strategy Consultancy
  • Agile time-to-market and business acceleration
  • Web portals, intranets and provider portals
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eCommerce Services


Discover new eCommerce opportunities

Reach more customers and increase customer loyalty with bespoke Digital eCommerce Services and new business models. 
We offer comprehensive services to help you build new customer experiences, ranging from the development of portals, mobile apps and eCommerce platforms to the integration of systems. 
Specialising in global eCommerce environments 
We provide integrations, development and migration with third-party sales channels. Applying Data Analytics Services and Artificial Intelligence Services to eCommerce platforms, we help you identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing your growth potential.  
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