Managed Workplace Services
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Boost productivity with a seamless user experience

Managed Workplace Services

Speed and agility are a must today. When meetings run smoothly, applications work reliably and collaboration is frictionless wherever your workforce happens to be, you get more out of each day. All of this adds up to a better employee experience that makes your business more productive and more competitive. 
Empower your team to succeed 
Our Managed Workplace Services enable your workforce to get the most out of your digital environment. We provide expert support to maintain and improve your operational functions – ensuring your team has everything they need to deliver excellence at any scale, no matter the size of your business. 

Solutions & Services

Service Desk Services


Increase productivity with rapid resolution response

Improve organisational reliability with a faster resolution to your IT incidents and service requests. With the right mix of proactive human and automated service desk support, you can ensure business continuity, reduce costs and respond to shifting priorities while freeing up your IT staff to focus on critical tasks and new developments. 
Local Service Desk hubs meet your needs 
Our Service Desk teams are based both locally within country and from our European Service Operations Centre. These hubs enable professional recording, assessment, prioritisation and allocation of incidents, requests and queries to the correct resolver group, ensuring faster resolution of all IT incidents and service requests and better business-IT alignment. We maintain service levels and equip end-users, business functions and departments with all the IT resources they need to complete their tasks and objectives.
  • Increase productivity with better and more cost-effective user support 
  • Centralise support with business-IT alignment 
  • Get accurate and timely reporting for internal IT departments
  • Reduce Capex investments with a Cloud Service Delivery Model 
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Device Management Services


No device left behind

Users expect a consistent desktop or device experience, whether working in the office or remotely. We provide flexible and scalable device provisioning and deployment, as well as digital platforms that work seamlessly together. 
Tailored configurations across locations 
Our comprehensive portfolio of Device Management Services helps you procure, deploy and manage devices, and is enhanced by centrally provisioned software services such as Microsoft O365 and security. With self-service on-demand provisioning and application delivery, you can tailor configurations for different applications and user groups across a wide range of locations. 
  • Control costs and improve user experiences wherever you work 
  • Access SaaS-based applications and storage
  • Ensure all your devices remain secure and flexible
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End-User Computing Services


Ongoing IT support to maintain operations

With digitalisation and remote working becoming more prominent, the risks of downtime increase if you are not constantly on top of your IT infrastructure. You don’t want to waste time identifying and fixing faults that prevent your users from accessing applications and data. 
Get the most out of your applications 
Free up your resources to focus on new projects instead of juggling multiple providers and non-scalable services. We provide a desktop or mobile device environment, leveraging software such as Microsoft O365 and security, helping you get the most out of your applications and ensure business continuity. 
Get all the tools and support you need to:
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Modernise devices and platforms
  • Attract talent from all demographics through fulfilling work experiences
  • Control cost and efficiency with remote support
  • Fully integrate with different applications such as Smart Lockers and ServiceNow
  • Offer on-site & Remote Engineering Services
  • Manage service requests
  • Access always-on service support
  • Control Device Lifecycle Management
  • Receive
  • Utilise TechBar Services where multiple on-site engineers are needed
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Workspace Booking Solutions


Optimise the way you work

With the rise of remote working and online collaboration, it’s time to reimagine how we work – and what role offices should play. By understanding your office and how it is currently being utilised, you will be empowered to make the right decisions while optimising costs. 
RICOH Spaces workplace enhancement platform 
RICOH Spaces is a cloud-hosted workplace enhancement platform designed to help you understand your workspace utilisation so you can optimise your business and create a truly connected, smart, safe and engaging workplace. That’s how you solve your problems today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.
  • Get clear insights and data to back up changes, such as freeing up under-utilised space and reducing operational costs
  • Create the best working environment by balancing people, places and technology, making it easier to attract and retain top talent
  • Streamline your operations with features such as interactive floor plans, meeting room booking, visitor management and QR code check-ins
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IoT Solutions


Adapt and evolve with IoT

Being able to respond to the changing demands of the modern workplace is essential for today’s businesses. IoT unlocks new methods of tracking and monitoring assets in the real world, while powerful data and analytics lead to faster and more efficient decision making. To harness the full value of IoT, you need the right people and processes behind the right technologies. 
The right IoT strategy for your business  
We help you define and implement an IoT strategy that supports your business objectives – so you can adapt to new dynamics, drive cost efficiencies and improve productivity. Whether you need the latest IoT sensor technology to gain detailed, real-time data about your spaces, or gain accurate visibility into smart locker usage, we help you target IoT applications correctly and manage them effectively for informed decision making.
  • Monitor devices in real-time for informed decision making
  • Harness data analytics using powerful dashboards 
  • Reduce costs and develop new streams of income
  • Enable systems to run faster and more efficiently
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Smart Locker Solutions


Flexible, connected workspace storage

Transform time-consuming manual tasks into secure automated processes with smart, keyless access to storage. Accessible 24/7, our scalable locker solutions can secure high-value business assets, inbound/outbound mail and personal belongings. Benefit from simplicity, savings and satisfaction with a simple cloud-based management system that supports real-time storage management.
Reduce workload and costs 
We assist with a site survey, installation, training, project management, consultancy and offer preventative maintenance and parts management – reducing supervisor workload and the associated costs of managing your assets.
  • Enhanced security and governance
  • Simple cloud-based management
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Significant savings/ROI
  • Customisable workflow to meet specific needs
  • Secure and automated process for each employee
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Robotics Services


A complete porfolio of services and support

Robotics can make your work-life easier, safer and more efficient, but without the right servicing capabilities and post-sales support, it will result in a lack of adoption, scalability and poor user experiences. We deliver a complete portfolio of services to support the operation, effectiveness and safety of robotics – maximising the return of your investments.
A single point of contact 
With extensive geographical coverage, technical support and customer care capabilities, we offer a single point of contact for all your robotics needs. Our engineers are highly experienced in handling complex digital interactions in existing organisational settings. 
Our complete portfolio of support services includes:  
  • Project management
  • Service design
  • Implementation
  • Service management
  • Supply chain management
  • Parts management
  • Helpdesk services
  • Remote support
  • Field engineering
  • Reporting
  • Billing
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AV Management Services


Solve all your AV technology challenges

Never have we been more reliant on collaboration and communication technologies than the world we live in today. We understand the importance of standardised design, consistent delivery and reliable, globally scalable, support solutions as a vital part of enabling the success of your business. 
Our AV Management services offer you a comprehensive and flexible global solution to your AV technology needs.
  • Proactively identify and rapidly resolve AV faults, minimising system downtime
  • Optimise end-user experiences with consistent support services 
  • Reduce operational costs and alleviate the burden on IT teams
  • Provide data-driven insights on estate performance and utilisation
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