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Hyground Consulting builds modern e-procurement processes with The Ricoh eShop

Hyground Consulting helps businesses streamline procurement with online purchases

To help strengthen its competitive edge, Hyground Consulting looked for an e-procurement solution that would accelerate order processing and, in turn, give clients greater visibility into purchasing, for example with spending and authorization controls.

As one of Hyground Consulting’s trusted IT partners, Ricoh suggested that the company move its procurement processes online using The Ricoh eShop. This end-to-end e-procurement platform offers enhanced reporting, analytics capabilities, and robust approval controls.

Kath Robinson, Key Account Manager at Hyground Consulting, comments: “We were impressed with just how easy it is to use The Ricoh eShop, and the striking resemblance it has to many of the ecommerce platforms we are all familiar with from shopping online. And the fact that The Ricoh eShop has over 90,000 high-quality consumable products from 350 trusted brands listed on its catalogue was a huge plus for us too.”