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Energy Power Resources Ltd


Providing a business-class communication service

Ricoh IT Services deploys a cost efficient cloud-based email solution for 200 users

Leading green power provider, Energy Power Resources has over 200 users, either mobile or working from multiple UK sites, with just one IT person at its disposal. It needed to find a better email system. 

The company partnered with Ricoh IT Services to deploy a cloud-based email solution that costs less, is easier to manage and provides users with an improved, business-class communication service.

“The Ricoh solution is a big deal for EPRL and it’s a significant enhancement to where we were before. Email is our most important IT service. It’s crucial because of staff mobility and layout of our energy generation sites, with staff spread around a location. Executives, for example, rely on email collaboration, reporting and investor communication. Guaranteeing a high level of availability is vital so the Ricoh email solution has had a big impact on the business.”

Tim Cunnell, IT Manager, Energy Power Resources Ltd.

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